My Dad Col Tom VC -  by Clive Adlam

This book is the life story of a schoolmaster who was twice called into service to defend his country. Altogether he spent 14 years in the army during which time he rose through the ranks until finally he left the army as Lt Colonel Adlam in 1945.
Undoubtedly his finest achievement, for which he will always be remembered, was when he was awarded the Victoria Cross for his courageous actions in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme. 
The book gives a detailed account of how, with just 12 men, he achieved the objective that his whole battalion had failed to do even after seven attempts. 
Following this the book also relates how his achievements were remembered and honoured a century later.  

In writing this book I hope I have done justice to my father's memory.

                                      Thank you   Clive Adlam
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